10 Best Bisexual Dating Sites & Apps

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Bisexuality used to seem to be a stigma, but today, more and more friends around us begin to identify themselves bisexual. Is that real? Maybe we still need to think a bit to understand what it means to be bisexual. However, we are not going to discuss them too much in this article. Instead, we will dive directly into the topic of dating. Bisexual dating is still not easy, although whether you are a heterosexual or a member of the LGBTQ community, how to find true love is always a problem.

We think so, too. So we did a lot of work around the best bisexual dating sites. With them, you can start exploring options for bisexual dating or bisexual encounters. Whether you’re looking for a couple who wants a unicorn, or a craving for a single companion who wants something like desire, or a simple connection, these are the best places for you.

But before delving into the checklist, let’s figure it out:

When you know what you want, you always get the best results.

Take some time to think about it, and then take the time to share that information with any bisexual dating site of your choice. Fill in your profile, post at least one picture, and write your wishes, preferences, and interests clearly. This can help people like you find your profile, stay in touch, and even have a bisexual date with you!

The Best Sites for Those Interested in Bisexual Dating



Calling itself “the world’s largest and most effective bisexual dating site”, BiCupid was launched in 2003 by SuccessMatch, one of the most mature dating networks in the industry. Free members have access to multiple features, including profile creation, basic and advanced search, and virtual blinking. Also, if a free or gold member sends you an instant message or email, you can reply.


Maybe you’ve heard of it, yes, AFF is almost the world’s largest sex-related online community. If you are not looking for a long-term or committed relationship, this is definitely a good place to play.

When setting up your profile, you must be aware of your own preferences. In this online community of tens of millions of users, you need to make sure you are showing the right signal for bisexual dating.

Fortunately, we experienced the premium membership feature of AFF. That is really very powerful and interesting. There are many small features that can only be experienced after they have been used, which can bring more small fun to users. In addition, in the LGBTQ photo contest, we are very excited to see so many LGBTQ members showing themselves and finding connections. So, it is really a good starting point for bisexuals.



In a few simple steps, I joined this website, which is designed and provided with online dating services only for lesbians. But surprisingly, when I set the search filter to gender male, I still got quite a lot of male profiles. I think this may be due to the appeal of lesbian.

But there is no doubt that you can find real lesbians here, get in touch with them and meet offline. PinkCupid belongs to the Cupid Network, which runs hundreds of dating programs. This makes it one of the largest dating networks in the world.

Most PinkCupid members are from the United States. If you used to be heterosexual and start to be curious about dating same-sex, here are more dating sites for lesbian. We recommend you start with the search function and quickly browse the quality of the profiles of nearby members before deciding whether to stay.


Ashley is best for bi-curious people. This is a highly anonymous online dating community. You can use the widget provided on the website to hide your various information, such as blur photos. This way, only the person you gave the key to can view your albums and profiles.

After a period of surveying real users, although most members are looking for cheating, there are also many members who are willing to explore new areas. You can easily create profiles, find gay, bisexual or curious people, they are also looking for other people like you.


This is the best lesbian dating app around. This is a great way to meet every lesbian and bisexual woman you’ve ever wanted to meet. This app allows you to be yourself without anyone judging you. HER is a complete dating app. Here, other LGBTQ women from all walks of life can come here to get lesbian news and learn about what’s going on in their city. It is also a place where you can make new friends. Best of all, ‘HER’ is 100% free.


OkCupid is free to join. When registering, you can choose any orientation: straight, gay, bisexual, lesbian, asexual, queer, questioning, pansexual, homoflexible and sapiosexual(or attraction to intelligence). Members are not only open-minded but also highly engaged, sending over 10 million chats per month. If you want to chat with someone, do it here. In my experience, when I send them messages on this app, I always get a response from people. This support is also very helpful and involved.

If you are looking for more than hookup, download this app now. Registration takes two minutes. You can download OkCupid on iOS and Android. It welcomes men and women.


In three steps, you can complete your profile and start looking for bisexual women based on your specific wishes. You don’t have to organize real-world meetings, but you can use the site’s chat rooms and communication options. You can send flowers, watch videos, have a voice chat and get photos. In the bisexual dating world, you’ll find plenty of dating advice from others and interact with about a million other members of the site. It also has an application!

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