First Date Preparations: What to do Before the First Date

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The day has come. Your head has been playing all kinds of imaginative versions of the date over and over again, and it feels like the butterflies in your stomach are about to fly up and out and all over your date. Don’t worry, that’s fine. Without those feelings, the first date would be quite boring. To calm yourself a bit down, do some prep. It’s never wise to leave everything to chance, yet what we’re about to tell you is definitely no rocket science. However, the hours before the date even gets started can already be a deal-breaker.

Listen carefully, and we will uncover which preparations actually make a first date just great.

1. Before the Game: Enhance Self-Esteem

Start with yourself. To alleviate these butterflies before your first date, increase your self-esteem! It’s about making your ideas right. If you have confidence in your appearance, you will soon realize that your appearance can impress people nonverbally.

What Should I Do?

1. Train a few hours before your date, even if you are just walking on the street or in the park. This makes you feel strong, full of energy and allows endorphin to flow. This makes it possible to create happiness and impress people.

2. When you are ready, listen to your favorite playlist.

Which songs always make you happy? Just sing and dance and relax.

3. Even if you just think in your head, create topics or ideas that can surprise or laugh. This way you can make a detailed plan for your appointment. As you plan, think about how your ideas will attract each other? What are your strengths? By taking advantage of your advantages, you can well solve the expected difficulties.

Mindset is one of the most important preparations. If we go for an appointment that is not worth it or is doomed to fail, your mood will not be too high. So hope for good things and be prepared to spend your good time.

2. Well Dressed

Take some time to dress. Your looks determine how much you value this date. If you don’t know what to wear, remember this tip: Think about your favorite style. What would you choose if someone asked you to show your best image? You can also ask a friend what he thinks when he hears this question. So the problem is solved! This suit will make you feel comfortable and respect the person you meet. If you are going to wear it today, pray that it is now clean and tidy.

Therefore, in order to have enough time for this part of the preparation, do not let unimportant things interfere with you.

Here is the list before you go out:

  • Breathing check: Did you brush your teeth and floss?
  • Deodorant and aroma: It smells very scent, but does the smell fill the room?
  • Are your clothes and shoes clean and in good condition?
  • Man: Have you shaved or shaved? Also: nail care: are they clean?
  • Woman: Can you wear these shoes all day / all night? Is your makeup suitable and not easily soiled?
  • Preparation is the key to a successful date!

3. Be a Good Listener

Why is it important to be a good listener? While listening carefully, you will learn more about appointments. Listening is much harder than most of us think because you have to fight against the urge to talk more and you can’t make them feel like you have nothing to say.

What techniques can you use in this regard? Here are some simple psychology-based tricks that you can apply to your first date:

– Become an “active listener.”

How to do it? When dating, you frequently seek eye contact, respond positively to what they say, and laugh when they laugh (hence the same reaction).

– Don’t just listen.

If you want to be a better listener, you must understand the conversation, especially when your conversation partner tells a story with difficult elements. Keep your mind flowing. If you still don’t understand the essence of the story, your date will tell you not to be afraid to ask questions. It will show that you are interested, and the other party will thank you for your response and sufficient care.

– Think before you speak.

It takes some time for a good listener to respond. Sentences such as “Let me think about it” make the speaker feel that what they have proposed is worth thinking about, and the audience is not just waiting for the speaker to finish.

– Remember what you talked about before dating.

Do you already know about dating interests and hobbies? Keeping these things in mind will help keep the conversation open, avoid repetitive and unpleasant questions, and if you’ve never met this person in real life before, you can use this method to quickly get closer.

– Observe body language and tone changes.

Monitoring these signals will help you interact and satisfy your response.

– Last but not least: Don’t check your phone often or look around!

This is impolite and it seems that you don’t care much about the conversation and want to end it as soon as possible. It is best not to do this while listening.

4. Be Yourself

This sounds cliché, but: it is true. In other words: don’t pretend to be someone else. Your date was supposed to look like you, right? Therefore, if you impress him or her as an impostor, it is not you who impressed him/her. How sad! Things will only get worse in future meetings. Few people want a relationship based on lies. Can you imagine how stressful you have been trying to maintain this situation? That’s almost impossible.

Even if you consider yourself a good actor, trying to play will only make you both uncomfortable. Even if the other party can’t immediately feel if you are disguising, there are many clues to reveal the truth.

5. Learn From Experience

If this first date is not your first date, consider all the adversities that have occurred in other appointments you have experienced before. Now you can finally take advantage of the mistakes that have occurred to your advantage! What things can you improve? If you acknowledge your mistakes and are willing to do everything you can, you have become a better self and you can avoid making the same or similar mistakes again.


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